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Getting food containers safely from one section to the next is no problem with a stainless food grade conveyor. For this project we created both a straight and a curved conveyor for different points in their production system. These conveyors were made with food grade materials so they are appropriate for sanitary environments and can withstand regular wash downs.

Straight Food Conveyor

These conveyors were built for a Canadian food manufacturing company. They were constructed using food-grade materials, meeting the stringent standards required for sanitary environments. This makes it an excellent choice for facilities with varying production requirements, including those that handle nuts or operate in nut-free environments.

Wash-Down Safe:

Recognizing the importance of regular wash downs in the food industry, these conveyors are meticulously designed for frequent cleaning. The materials used facilitate thorough and efficient washability, and are able to handle tough cleaning soaps.

Motor Placement: In a move to enhance both functionality and space efficiency, these conveyors feature motors positioned under the conveyors instead of on the sides. This innovative design choice not only ensures a streamlined appearance but also ensure the motors are better protected.


Investing in a stainless food grade conveyor is a strategic move for any food manufacturing facility looking to optimize efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.


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