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Three conveyors were built for a client’s system: two trough conveyors, and a 180 degree curve belt conveyor.

The process begins with their existing upper conveyors carrying their custom product molds through filling and forming machines before they reach the first of the newly installed conveyors.

The 180 degree curve belt conveyor, specially designed by RCS, transfers the molds from the fill line to the cure line where the molds are transported through curing ovens. After curing, the molds are emptied and an identical 180 degree curve belt transfers the empty molds back onto the fill line creating a continuous production line.

RCS also designed and built a special 200 foot long trough belt conveyor and 50 foot long incline belt conveyor to carry excess material from the fill line to a waste bin located outside the facility.

180 Degree Curve Belt Conveyor photo
Conveyor system photo
Trough conveyor going outside photo
Trough conveyor going outside photo

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180 Degree Conveyor
Trough Conveyor

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