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RCS designed and built a conveyor to move 4L bottles from a molding machine to a filling machine.

If production is running smoothly, bottles can be sent straight through to be filled, but if there is a delay down the line, bottles can be diverted to the accumulation section.

Multiple tabletop tab chain conveyor sections pass the bottles between them with side transfers & guides. Both metal and plastic guides are used.

Bottle Conveyor Top Accumulation Section

This conveyor system consists of three parts. The bottles leave the molding machine and start at the the infeed conveyor, where they can either be sent forward or sent to the side through an 8 lane bottle accumulation conveyor. Here they travel back and forth through the paths where they cool and their numbers can be regulated. After this they exit through the outfeed conveyor.

Bottle Conveyor Design Blog Post

The client requested we investigate a solution to optimize the motion of the bottles around the curves, as they had bottles getting stuck with their previous systems. To handle the extreme curves of the accumulation conveyor we added additional installations around those areas to smoothly push them around the bends, greatly improving the speed and fluidity of the system.

We also added diverters, stops, merges, sensors and guide rails to manage the flow of the bottles between the systems to optimize overall throughput.

The clean design and all stainless steel construction makes it easy for the end user to ensure hygienic bottling operations.

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