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In this conveyor system, product is dropped onto the diverter which tilts and directs it onto one of the light duty conveyors on either side of it. It can be sent in both directions–left or right- allowing four possible stations where the product can be loaded into bags.

conveyor with diverter
conveyor gathering product into bags

After the product arrives at the stations at either end, workers attach empty bags onto the conveyor and wait for the bags to fill. After the loading process, the bagged product is put onto the second conveyor section which conveys them to the bag sealer.

Bagging Conveyor System
Bagging conveyor sections

The bag filling station was created with a diverter, two sanitary light duty belt conveyors with green food grade belting, and a stainless framework. The second section that takes filled bags to be sealed, is made with two tabletop chain conveyors.

Bag Filling Light Duty Conveyors
Bag Filling Station

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Light Duty Conveyor
Tabletop Tab Chain Conveyor

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See this conveyor system in action:

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