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These incline conveyors were designed to take excess cut pieces of product back to be recirculated into the facility.

In these conveyor projects there is often a choice between using stainless steel and using an epoxy coating in fabrication projects – stainless steel appears to be the more expensive choice, but the price of epoxy coating is actually comparable. In this case, the client chose to have an epoxy coating put over mild steel.

Unless you’re building a platform or something heavy duty that has a lot of surface area, it’s probably cheaper to do it in stainless than it is to use epoxy and paint it. Using epoxy ends up being the same price when you add up the amount of paint supplies being used and the amount of time and labour it will take to paint it. If the design is very heavy, with a lot of thick plate, it is most likely cheaper to use mild steel.

For this project, the epoxy reacted with the material the customer was using, and it peeled some of the paint off, requiring additional work. With the added labour and the additional complications, it would have been about the same price to use stainless steel, maybe even slightly cheaper.

Nevertheless, in this project this set of conveyors was successfully implemented into their facility and continues to be a great help in their manufacturing process.

We always advise that customers review their projects carefully to choose the best material for the purpose. We also do our best to understand the full process that our conveyors are fitting into, so that we can make the best recommendations for design.

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