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Our primary objective was to create a conveyor line that could transport totes in a continuous loop until a worker was ready to retrieve one. This would create a constant flow between worker stations, allowing the efficient transport of goods to the correct recipients.

We carefully incorporated various elements into the conveyor, combining low friction modular belting with meticulously placed guides that maneuver the totes around the loop. Our team embarked on an extensive testing process until we were satisfied with the results. The totes travel along the tracks, travelling through the entire system, and empty totes can be sent back to the start. The track was strategically divided into sections to allow workers to access specific totes at their various stations.

With the success of the first carousel conveyor we were commissioned to complete the construction of another, even larger carousel conveyor for another one of their facilities. The successful completion of this second large carousel conveyor project demonstrates our dedication to our quality results, empowering businesses to achieve their operational goals.

Carousel Conveyor
Carousel Conveyor

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity:

By implementing a carousel conveyor, businesses can experience a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. The continuous loop eliminates downtime and reduces idle waiting periods, ensuring a constant flow of materials. Workers can focus on their tasks without interruptions, as the conveyor delivers totes precisely when and where they are needed.

At RMS, we are proud to have played a crucial role in empowering our clients with cutting-edge solutions that optimize their operations and drive success in a rapidly evolving industry.

Carousel Conveyor Installed

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Carousel Conveyor

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