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This innovative system was specially designed to facilitate laser cutting with utmost accuracy and cleanliness. It incorporates the power of air suction to firmly hold products in place during laser cutting operations.

The air-suction system creates a downward force, securely holding the materials in place. This eliminates any shifting or movement, providing the utmost stability for the laser cutting process.

The conveyor is an adapted low-profile conveyor; the frame is constructed from lightweight yet robust aluminum. A low-profile frame allows for easy portability and effortless integration into existing manufacturing setups.

It was designed to have an efficient venting system that removes fumes and smoke generated during the cutting process. This ensures a clean and healthy working environment, safeguarding employees’ well-being and providing an optimized manufacturing space.

We ensure our conveyors are designed for the unique manufacturing processes of our clients, such as with this vacuum conveyor.

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