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This conveyor system is designed to transport products seamlessly between varying elevations. It is named for its specialized hockey stick shape, characterized by a flat section transitioning into an incline. This version was made with a low-profile aluminum base is 10″W x 108″H.

The Hockey Stick Design:

Unlike standard incline conveyors that follow a straight upward slope, or gooseneck conveyors that incorporate a flat section at both the bottom and top, the hockey stick conveyor presents a unique L shape with a flat section at the bottom.

Gooseneck versus Hockey Stick Conveyor Shape Comparison

Low-Profile Designs for Quick Deployment:

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of manufacturing and logistics. A low-profile design enables quick construction and delivery, ensuring that you can have your customized conveyor up and running in your facility promptly.


The hockey stick conveyor is a standout choice for industries looking to take their materials to new heights. Its distinctive design offers a solution custom-made to suit the distinctive challenges of diverse facility situations. With a careful balance between simplicity and functionality, a hockey stick conveyor provides efficient material transport.

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