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Every component in the production process plays a crucial role in driving productivity and streamlining operations. In this project we designed multiple tabletop conveyors to be part of two production lines for one of our valued clients. It was key that the conveyors functionality matched what they needed for their facility.

Custom Paths:

To fit their layout, these conveyors needed to navigate both straight paths and curved trajectories, as well as handle a variety of products, so the two paths each had their own unique designs. Tabletop conveyors were chosen as their versatility makes them perfectly suited to tackle the diverse challenges encountered in this project.

Diagram of Production Lines

Infeed Height Adjustability:

One of the unique features of these conveyors was their adjustable inclines. They have infeed sections designed with the ability to change the height, enabling our client to achieve the perfect angle for product transport. Tabletop conveyors have low friction belting, which is ideal for smooth transference. This level of customization will streamline their production process.

Adjustable Conveyor Incline Outline
Tabletop Chain Conveyor Adjustable Infeed Incline


At Royal Conveyor Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that seamlessly integrate into our clients’ existing processes. Whether navigating through straight paths or gracefully maneuvering around curves, these conveyors are designed to optimize workflow and drive operational excellence.

See these conveyors in action:

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Tabletop Chain Conveyors

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