Chain Conveyors

Upgrade your facility with custom-made chain conveyors. We can make the conveyor you need. Options like sanitary stainless steel or other easy-to-wash, food grade materials are available as needed. All our conveyors are made in Ontario, Canada.

We ensure they are high quality conveyors that are the perfect fit for your business. High quality means longer lasting conveyors with lower maintenance and replacement costs. We offer installation and every available conveyor service so everything can be taken care of. Get a quote for pricing today!

Slat Tab Chain Bottle Conveyor

See our many other conveyors for more options!

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

With multiple drive units, they allow for accumulation of skids. Optional lifting racks integrated in them allow for skids to be lifted up and product pulled off. These conveyors are customizable based off product weight, speed, and pallet dimensions.

Contact us with what you’re looking to do and we’ll match you with the conveyor system you need.

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Our conveyors are custom made in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

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