Automation & Control

Get a conveyor that can do so much more

Make the most of your conveyor by getting it to do all the work. We offer many standard functions & automation options with our conveyors. We can also create a custom conveyor to fit your unique business. Feel free to explore some of the options below or contact us to ask about the conveyor you need.

Consider Automation & Control

Materials are counted out in parts, or sorted in sections.

This is useful for things like filling boxes with the correct amount of items, or moving piles with the correct weight.

See Boxing Conveyor or see Chain Conveyor for examples of this function.

Plastic Tab Boxing Conveyor
Drag Chain Conveyor List Page

Lift objects up and down like an elevator.
Items can be sent to different floors for the next step in their journey.

See Vertical Lifting Conveyor

Rails Labelled

A conveyor can move an object into position for a computer to scan.

See Magnetic/Vacuum Conveyor

Rails Labelled
Combine two line conveyers to one line conveyor, or diverge one conveyor to two. Have items switch between multiple conveyors.

Move items into parallel rows or combine them back together into one lane.

See Accumulation Conveyor

Rails Labelled
Put an object into the position you need it to be in.


Send items down different lines with automation
Bottle Conveyor or Lifting Conveyor

Vacuum / Magnetics – grab object into position E.g. Magnetic Vacuum Conveyor

Positioning Chute – narrows path to guide object into position E.g. Chutes

Laning – move object into organized lanes E.g. Accumulation Conveyor

Slow products down.
This can be accomplished in many ways, and we can accommodate your system as needed.


Accumulation sections allow materials to idle in place.

Chutes slow products down to allow a softer transition into their next location.

Mechanical Turn Table Overview
Capture Chute
Air Powered Velocity Chute

Add a custom operation. Talk to us about what you need!