Low Profile Belt Conveyor

Get a custom made Low Profile Belt Conveyor quickly and easily! This economic, compact conveyor is designed for light duty work, perfect for most standard operations. It arrives ready to use, with an easy to use control switch and a speed dial. Custom made with your preferred length, width, and height. Quick turn-around – get a custom conveyor in days!

It can be customized with special additions as needed if you need a more advanced design.

Moves Materials Like: Standard Materials
Industries: Industry standard
Belting/Surface: Light Flat Belted
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Casters on conveyor

Swivel Casters

Make your conveyor easily movable by putting it on wheels.

Guides on low profile conveyor


Plastic or metal guides along the sides keep products safely on the conveyor.

Choice of Belting

You have a choice between green food grade belting, white food grade belting, or blue urethane belting.


A custom incline to suit your exact conveyance needs.

Underhung Drive

Underhung Drive

The drive is tucked further under the conveyor rather than being set on the side.

Height adjustable legs on a conveyor

Adjustable Legs

Change the height of your conveyor with adjustable additions.

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